Top 5 latest stylish stopwatch with sound timer for android

 The stopwatch with sound is the best and new feature in the term of stopwatch.The stopwatch is a timepiece device that is used to measure the amount of the time that is elapsed between its activation and the deactivation. In big events like auditorium and sports stadium, the large digital version of the stopwatch is designed to measure the time intervals. The working of the stopwatch is like in manually a person is starting an stop the watch randomly by pressing a button. But in the fully automatic stopwatch time start and stop by the sensors automatically they will perform there functioning. The timing function is controlled by the two buttons one is for start the time and the other one is stop the time and some stopwatches now having also the reset button at pressing of that button they will come to the zero. Mainly it is used in sports or in competiton between two or more to check who will cover the goal in which time duration this can be very helpful and there is no any type of cheat is done through with this . Now as per the teachnology changes there is the big change in the stopwatch scnerio also now the digital apps for smartwatch is come and take a very good place in the market this type of application is come for both type of devices wheather its is android or ios




          1.    STOPWATCH TIMER(Stopwatch with sound):-


Timer application is very stylish and a trending stopwatch and timer which contains many different-different settings in it. It is small in size but very easy to use for all Android-devices.This application has the stopwatch mode that allows you to measure and track all the time intervals as in digital form and also through the analog dial.  Access of stopwatch in this application is done through To start and end the countdown, there is a large button in the center of the screen. After pressing this button the stopwatches will stop and it will reset to the zero. To know more and get the settings of the stopwatch to click on the left-upper drop-down menu. In this stopwatch, you can store data about each measurement circle. This application also has the notepad feature in this you can add or modify the data through this you can share the documents also.




            2.TIMER (Stopwatch with sound):-

      This is a very popular and trending stopwatch and timer application supported for android devices with a beautiful interface. This application offers a fairly simple functionality anyone can use it without any problem. The user can start the stopwatch and stop the stopwatch, several timers at once and create his tasks.the app also has the functionality to perform its work in the background and creates a widget on your smartphone. In the Timer application, you can also select several themes or wallpapers.The application is completely freely available on the play store, so it has become widespread among mobile application owners. You can use this stopwatch in different styles.

                                            CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION:- DOWNLOAD



          3. STOPWATCH & TIMER(Stopwatch with sound):-

         Timer is an application program that combines the functions of a stopwatch and a timer both. To use this application you can press the circle button and then the program displays the time at which you pressed the button. It will be usefull in different-different occassions.This stopwatch you can also use a timer function that will allow you to set an alarm or set the time it will ring. The program can be useful in different-different areas of activity. It is useful to students and sportsperson in any competition they will use the stopwatch and measure the time. The app has been downloaded from the google play store easily and it will also very easy to use because there interface is the very user-friendly user can easily access it.  

                                  CLICK HERE TO DOWN;LOAD THIS APPLICATION:- DOWNLOAD




          4.ULTIMATE STOPWATCH & TIMER (Stopwatch with sound):-

      Stopwatch & Timer is a stopwatch and timer with a very awesome design the application has the user attractive theme which is looking good and awesome creativity done by the developers. This application contains very different and useful functions in it. Now more of the user will be using this application on his phone.the application developer is the main focus on the interface designing to get look attractive and trendy.the thing in it is the control buttons of it one is for start the watch and another will be used for stop and it also has a big button in the middle of the screen through which we can rest the watch and take it to the zero. Thisapplication has many advantages as compare to other different stopwatch or timer application in the market because it’s a very user-friendly interface in it.

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          5.TIMERS 4 ME(Stopwatch with sound):-

          Timers4Me program is a real treasure it is an excellent instrument for working with the time, rather than several different applications of timers.This application program you will have a timer, a stopwatch, and also have an alarm clock which is all in one. Using this application is also a very easy task there is no need for extra knowledge to access it. After downloading you will enjoy the application. In this application, you can set the time, alert tone, or many more.In the stopwatch tab, you have three buttons one is to start the time duration or one is to stop the time duration and the last  third one is to reset the watch.

                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION :- DOWNLOAD


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